Anonymous: you're a horrible person, just thought you should know that...have a nice day

Awh shucks you’re too sweet ! 💕

Anonymous: Would you date me?

Absolutely not, I don’t date gray faces & I already have someone in mind 😘

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Putting your hand over a girls mouth to stop people hearing her moaning is the hottest thing

Kissing her and letting her moan into your mouth is even sexier

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i ship me and money

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Shrek came out 13 years ago

I didn’t know shrek was gay

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Straight guys: Demi Lovato is so hot
Gay guys: Demi Lovato is so hot
Lesbians: Demi Lovato is so hot
Not lesbians: Demi Lovato is so hot
Oprah: Demi Lovato is so hot
Jesus: Demi Lovato is so hot
Grass: Demi Lovato is so hot
Demi Lovato: Demi Lovato is so hot
Nick Jonas: Demi Lovato is like a sister
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Anonymous: You look like a chubby little poof.



Yeahhh I know… I’m over weight.. Atleast I’m not an asshole..

But you believe in racism and making horribly horrific racist jokes. So yeah.. you are an asshole……… so………………….

Yet you still lurk on his shit.. if he bothers you that bad then unfollow him. Pretty sure Dylan won’t lose sleep over it.

If you listen to Country Music and don’t know the lyrics to Friends In Low Places I’m not sure if I can trust you

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